For everyone who is out there eating gluten-free and dairy-free as a part of a plan for a healthier diet, this post is not really for you. Chips can be made healthier, but I am pretty sure that there is unanimous agreement among nutrition professionals that they are not health food.

Tnat said, if you want to know what chips taste good and work and can be easily fed to people with food allergies, I have some answers.

Plentils – Made by Enjoy Life foods, Plentils are free of all of the big eight food allergens as well as being corn, sesame and citrus free. They are also tasty and will require you to either purchase them in bulk or threaten non-celiac family members to back off.

Utz Potato Chips – Thus us a local east coast brnd but they have a kettle cooked natuals version that uses non-GMO oils and is free of all majot allergens. Shockingly nutrient dense, these are tasty, pretty, not crazy expensice and I plan to order more immediately

Kettle Brand Chips – Now you need to buy the plain flavor. Just sea salt or maybe sea salt and pepper, but these are free of most of the major allergens (they use sunflower and safflower and I think canola oils) and Non-GMO project verified.

Gluten Free Pretzels – THESE ARE NOT CORN FREE Glutino taste the best but they are largely made out of corn starch which is 1) Corn, 2) GMO and 3) not an item processed in a way that all or virtually all of the proteins are destroyed. But if that doesn’t bother you, then these are great. They taste exactly like wheat pretzels.

I am disappointed that there are not more choices available yet, but I am convinced that we will get those choices someday soon. For now, beware of owning these chips. I find that I cannot stop eating them.