When my friends friends are diagnosed they call me and want to know all sorts of things about celiac disease. Can headaches and depression really be symptoms? (they can). What if there are no digestive complaints? (that is very common, many celiacs have only the DH rash) Why did my doctor say I have a mild case (your doctor does not know much about the disease which is alarmingly common).

But here is the thing. I am NOT a doctor, or a nurse, or even a CNA. I am a researcher and a writer. So here, for your review are a bunch of videos from actual medical doctors who are licensed to practice medicine and are familiar with the disease and who can communicate about it.

You can mess around on YouTube and watch a lot of videos about gluten disorders. The problem is that anyone can upload a video and there are a lot of people with strong opinions, unrelated training, and no research to back it up.

The following videos are all from doctors who run clinics for celiac disease.

This one is old and a lightweight but it is a good overview of the disease. Its from an old episode of The View. Elizabeth Hasselbeck has the disorder. Peter Green wrote an excellent book on Celiac Disease and runs the celiac center at Columbia University in New York City. Please pay attention to how long healing takes.


Dr. Kaplan may not be world famous like Alessio Fasano is, but he is a wonderful communicator and a real, non-fringe physician. There are seven short videos in the series and I would recommend watching all of them as a primer on the disorder.


This is from the University of California San Diego. It’s long and it starts out slow. The reason I include it is because there is a wonderful section by a pediatric gastroenterologist (Kimberly Newton) on all of the symptoms in children and about how long healing actually takes (so you don’t have to trust me or your doctor who doesn’t know the disease) about half an hour into the lecture.


If you are wondering what it means if your blood work says celiac disease and your scope says something else, Dr. Fasano is the guru on the difference between gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. This is just part 1. There is a link in the video to also watch part 2.