We are in the 50% of celiacs who do not tolerate corn. No, not even organic, GMO-free corn. It is apparently a protein in corn that causes the intolerance.

That said, my son loves mexican food. We have been eating out at mexican restaurants since he was three weeks old. But we pack our own lentil chips and we get something without tortillas because while the corn tortillas are indeed gluten free and vegan they are not corn-free and therefore they are not OK.

But my son really wanted tacos or burritos. Sometimes we get them with lettuce leaves but he wants the bread. But we didn’t really have a lot of choices. And then we found something great.

Food for Life now has a brown rice tortilla. In addition to being gluten dairy and corn free they are also soy free, potato free kosher and pareve. They are not stretchy wheat tortillas but the consistency is not too far off that of a corn tortilla and for someone like me who hasn’t had a burrito in years they are a welcome addition to the repertoire.

I am hopeful that they will catch on. Food 4 Life sells products at most major grocery stores but is best known for their Ezekiel Bread. If your store does not have these you can ask the manager to order them for you. You can get them through Whole Foods as they are in the Whole Foods system and from there it is all about the customers asking for them.

Like all tortillas these are not nutrient dense, but if you really missed having tortillas, and if your children will eat veggies as long as they are wrapped in a tortilla, these may be your answer.

Check them out at the website below